Me Time

It all started recently with a small group I joined at church. I decided that it would become ,”Me Time’. This may sound a little selfish to you when you first read it, but please give me a chance to explain. I am a wife, a mama, a friend, a cook, a cleaner upper 😁, a employee and so many other roles I operate in as me. I love all of them deeply and because of my love for those roles, I need my, “Me Time'”. I needed time set aside on purpose that was for me, important to me and ALL about me. I needed a moment that was for my benefit alone but honestly those I love benefit by default because the better I take care of me, the better I can be for me and they get to benefit. Sometimes after small group ends, I get in my car and cruise the big city of High Point with my music blasting and windows down. Those moments have become important to me, I feel like it is my highest form of self care. So with all this being said, I have some questions I would love for you to consider?

1). What do you do that is solely for you?

2). If you had one hour of ,” Me Time”, what would that look like to you?

3). How do you think it would change you if one day each week you set aside one hour that was just for you?

4). Last question, mentally adding a little ,”Me Time”, in each week, what would it do for you?

I want to encourage you to take time for YOU. The world is so heavy right now. So many things are happening in all of our lives. We need moments to pull away and be alone with ourselves and our Jesus. Sweet moments where we can spend uninterrupted time with ourselves and our Savior. Moments where we only consider ourselves and what we might need. Moments we drink in peace of mind, peace of heart and peace in our souls. Please read this carefully, you are not being selfish when you consider yourself and what you might need. You are being amazing. You know why your being amazing, because you are taking care of yourself which helps you to be better to take care of those you love. So, go ahead and think about which day will be your day. What will you do? How much time do you need? Let your family know the day, try to keep it the same day and time each week. Don’t compromise that day unless it is absolutely necessary. I have no scripture to give you in this post but just know that their are moments where Jesus pulled away from everything and every body to just be alone to pray or whatever he needed in that moment. So, it is our desire to be just like him, so follow his lead on this, follow his example on this as well.

Please know that I am cheering for you and so excited for you finding time for you. Don’t be afraid to sit with yourself, get to know you. Discover all the beauty in who you are. Love the moment, live in the moment and be in that moment. Go on beautiful one and enjoy your,”Me Time”.

Author: godsgirllora

I am a wife, a mother a believer in Jesus Christ and a person who has lived with a mental health condition. My desire is to come alongside of those like me who need support. I will write my real, raw, honest journey through this in hopes that you and I can find strength through it together. Your comments are welcomed and honored here. All I ask is that you be respectful with your words because my journey might not look like yours but it is mine. Looking forward to walking alongside you here in this safe space. P.S If your looking for perfect grammar and words placed won’t find that here. You will find words that come from my heart and the heart of Jesus, hopefully in that you will find hope. I believe with hope comes the courage to step into the safety of the light.

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