The Storm

“He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed”

     The raging storm begins and the waves rise and fall inside. I try my best to run out of the way of the waves before they crash over my body but before I know it I am sucked under them, drowning, I can’t breathe. I am so far under the waves and I’m fighting and fighting. My arms and legs are flopping all around trying to get back on top of the water. Everything I learned about swimming seems to fade away and panic has set in. After fighting for so long to get back up on top of the water, I realize there is nothing left to do. So I let go, I stop fighting and I just let my body float. As the waves begin to seize and the water calms, I remember again how to swim and I swim  as hard as I can to the top where I can be seen where I can be rescued, where I can be bought to safety.

Maybe you can relate to this analogy. When depression rises in me, it is like a raging storm inside of my mind and body. I feel like the waves rise so quickly over me that before I can prepare they are drowning me. It feels like being dragged out to sea in a uncontrollable storm.  At times it feels as if my mind is not going to be able to withstand the storm.  The thoughts are like the crashing waves beating against me till they drag me into the deepest part of the sea. I find myself thinking of ways to end the storm to quiet the raging sea.  I just want to be at peace again in my mind.  I just want to make it to the safety of the shore again.  I know sweet one the thoughts that come so quickly that you feel like you can’t fight them.  I know the options presented to you are few and often times there is one that is put before you over and over that seems like it would end the raging storm once and for all.  It is a lie, it is not a way out. It is a way in to another level of pain for those who love you so deeply that you would leave behind.

Notice the scripture above, “He stilled the storm to a whisper, the waves of the sea were hushed”.  Jesus so desires to do that for me and for you.  He wants to quiet the storm raging within us to a whisper. Right now it might feel so loud till your struggling to think clearly.  Your thoughts feel all over the place like they are being tossed all around as the winds of life blow so strong.  Notice that the scripture says that, “the waves of the sea were hushed“.  If you are like me in those moments my soul desperately seeks for something to hush the waves of the sea.  I just need that one thing that causes me to feel safe to step back into my body again.  Maybe you need that one thing as well.  I want to suggest to you that Jesus is that one thing.  Just like he has done for me many times he desires to still the storm in your life to a whisper.  I know that he can hush the waves of the sea raging in your life right now.  Oh, beautiful one he knows your thoughts before you even think them.  He feels the pain that you can’t seem to find the words to articulate and he wants to carry you to the safety of the shore again and again if he needs to.  He wont fail you. He wont abuse your trust in him.  Let him help you through the storm, let him lead you to safety again.  You are so loved, known and seen.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, I am in a storm right now and the sea is raging against me.  I feel so weak to the waves rising up in my life.  Lord I cannot find my way back to the safety of the shore.  Please lead me.  You promised that you would never leave me nor forsake me, I need to know that you are here in this storm with me.  Don’t let the waves overtake me Jesus.  Lord Jesus please pull me through the waters that feel like they are drowning me.  You are my anchor and I will rest in you.    Amen


Author: godsgirllora

I am a wife, a mother a believer in Jesus Christ and a person who has lived with a mental health condition. My desire is to come alongside of those like me who need support. I will write my real, raw, honest journey through this in hopes that you and I can find strength through it together. Your comments are welcomed and honored here. All I ask is that you be respectful with your words because my journey might not look like yours but it is mine. Looking forward to walking alongside you here in this safe space. P.S If your looking for perfect grammar and words placed won’t find that here. You will find words that come from my heart and the heart of Jesus, hopefully in that you will find hope. I believe with hope comes the courage to step into the safety of the light.

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